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Queen of tumblr Chloe doing ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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- We all will settle down one day.
- We all dont have that option.

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For the first time ever, I’ve been attacked by a close family member for my being gay. My sister, the first one who knew, and all because she’s got to stand up for men (like they fucking need to be defended or some shit?). She calls me a misandrist because I’m gay and all this other bullshit—showing no concern over the fact that three guys shot a firecracker at me and then two minutes later three different guys drove up along side me while I was walking and started harassing me and making me feel uncomfortable. Like…um…excuse me?


I’m so fucking done. She was my best friend and now I can’t even think about her without wanting to punch a wall. There goes another important person in my life, gone. I’m furious and devastated all at the same time. I told her to fuck off until she could actually respect and love me.

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the stereotype that women talk more than men is infinitely amusing to me because men are literally incapable of shutting the fuck up

i hope this post gets popular enough that i hurt a man’s feelings

It’s not a stereotype it’s a proven fact you femanazi piece of shit.

lmao there it is 

You wanna talk proven facts? This shit’s been done, son: researcher Dale Spencer in Australia used audio and video tape to independently evaluate who talked the most in mixed-gender university classroom discussions. Regardless of the gender ratio of the students, whether the instructor was deliberately trying to encourage female participation or not, men always talked more—whether the metric was minutes of talking or number of words spoken. 

Moreover, men literally have no clue how much they talk. When Spencer asked students to evaluate their perception of who talked more in a given discussion, women were pretty accurate; but men perceived the discussion as being “equal” when women talked only 15% of the time, and the discussion as being dominated by women if they talked only 30% of the time.

Spencer’s conclusion, if I may parahprase: you only think we talk too much because you’d rather we were silent.

Don’t fuck with me, asshole, I’m a scientist.


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Adam and Eddy: Swan Queen was unintentional



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I have a massive fear that no one actually likes me, rather everyone is just politely tolerating me hoping I leave them alone

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make me choose :

danainthesky asked : Malira or Dethan

Dance with me, dumbass.

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