Without passion
we'd truly be dead


Katie Stevens and Rita Volk behind the scenes on the first day at work.


Where’s the bts? (x)

When they are young Elsa’s first instinct is to run towards Anna when she’s hurt, but then she spends years thinking she is the biggest danger to her sister, so when she hurts her again her instinct is to recoil away from her in terror.

"You’re Never Without Me" | Arrow (2x20)

Okay so I have a headcanon for what happens next for Sara…

She goes and finds Nyssa and they bang

oh sorry did you think there was more?


Faking It: Main Characters

I wanted to kill Roy. Because that’s what I do. That’s who I am.


Also did anyone else notice the vaguely hopeful look Felicity sends Sara when she’s all “Ummmm anyone for Dim Sum?” Because I am totally gonna take that as smoaking canary fodder

When someone compliments you on something you’re really proud of